Water LA Pilot: Altadena


Our current Water LA pilot is taking place in the County-unincorporated community of Altadena, just north of the city of Pasadena.

Located above the Raymond Groundwater Basin at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, years of alluvial runoff have left the area with soils that readily infiltrate water. Additionally, Altadena receives noteworthy rainfall with an average of 24 inches per year, some of the highest rates for LA County’s developed areas! Water LA’s parcel-based techniques present a significant opportunity to infiltrate water, mitigate flood risks, and build climate-resiliency in this primarily residential community.

Water LA’s strategies are designed on a foundation of healthy soils and native plants, prioritizing turf removal when possible and replacing it with native and edible landscapes. Participants are then able to draw on any combination of our six small-scale, low-cost, low-tech strategies, including rain grading, parkway retrofits, rain tanks, permeable paving, infiltration trenches, & greywater systems. The Water LA program in Altadena has been launched with funding from the State of California’s Dept. of Water Resources and LA County Dept. of Public Works, in conjunction with local agencies and partners.

Learn more about Water LA here. We have all of our participants for this round, but if you're interested in learning about upcoming workshops, fill out an Attend a Workshop form.