It all began so slow

Simple like the life of a bird

It was so young

Everything so free and untouched

Everything in perfect harmony

Yes it all started fine

With not a worry ever found

It seemed like all simply understood

Yes it’s future was insured with a taste of honey

And not one care ever noted

It was wild and untamed

But that’s what we saw fit

We came upon this land like a virus

Like some demonic plague

They all said hey joe

You gotta get out here

It’s paradise

And as we all came seeking a slice

We never heard the words of reason

Yes we were driven by these words

And lead by these dreams

To us we were heroes

Conquering the promised land

But in truth we were rapist

Seeking that missing piece

Slowly we made our mark

And chronically began to kill the land

It was manifest destiny

It was misguided folly

Soon it was evident

We were doing wrong

So the better of us tried to help

But you can’t count on a creature so young

To better a way so old

For you see we did more harm than good

We simply didn’t know

For instead of freeing the mother river

We gave her a concrete grave

And now as we look back I wonder

Can it ever be?

- Rene Cortez