Valleyheart Greenway

Toad Gate May2016 copy.jpg

As part of our Valleyheart Greenway Design and Educational Program, 4th and 5th grade students at Carpenter Elementary School worked with us to create the landscape design and conceptual designs for various amenities on the greenway. Student Michael Harris created a design for the project's Great Toad Gate entrance on Laurel Canyon Boulevard which was translated into reality with the help of local artist Lahni Baruck. The county funded implementation of the project’s south bank, which was completed in June 2004.

Other amenities included a Butterfly Bench, Snake Wall, Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens and the Story Fence. The Butterfly Bench is inscribed with a quote from Thoreau and the stones on the snake wall are engraved with the names of children who participated in the design of the park. The signs for the Story Fence will be completed in 2018.

For more information, check out the project report, photos, and articles below: