Groundwater and Surface Water Study for Taylor Yard and the L.A. River

Because of its location and its size, the Taylor Yard site offers a myriad of opportunities to create a multi-objective project that could benefit the collective health of the entire watershed. There are many possible benefits: habitat restoration, water quality improvements, additional flood defense, educational resources, passive recreational uses and wetlands restoration.

In order to facilitate the Coastal Conservancy’s larger feasibility study of the future uses of the Taylor Yard site, we needed to know more about the historic effects to groundwater from years of rail use and the surrounding industrial properties. 

The River Project was commissioned to undertake a study of groundwater and surface water interactions, monitor groundwater and to construct a digital groundwater model. The model and the data gathered will help to determine what options are available to us in designing a watershed-based project with multiple benefits on the 62 acres of riverfront land. With this information, we can support sound decisions about potential restoration opportunities.