Sepulveda Basin Habitat Enhancement


With a grant from the Wetlands Recovery Project, The River Project restored the functionality of a half-mile stretch of the Los Angeles River between Balboa Blvd and the Orange Line Busway Bridge, a dividing line between the concrete-lined river to the west and the living river in the Sepulveda Basin.

The area was heavily infested with invasive exotic vegetation including Arundo, Castor Bean, Fountain Grass, Poison Hemlock, Mexican Fan Palm and many others, giving this reach one of the most diverse invasive weed populations in the watershed.

Working with local high school students we mapped invasive vegetation, surveyed bird populations and monitored water quality. We ultimately removed more than 3.5 acres of Arundo and other invasive shrubs, 180 invasive trees, 164 palms and more than 100 shopping carts. The project helped to restore native wildlife habitat, increase biodiversity, improve water quality and create major improvements to the ecosystem functionality and aesthetic values of the river.