Desperate for change

the almighty river never lets her guard down

And for this we block her banks with intoxicating concrete

Never realizing that in trying to stop her oh so precious


we destroy our very being

We no longer can vision the utopia meant to be

Iron clad locks and festering waters are screaming

in our face, such a familiar place

Though to many she is the unknown, the don’t know

that keeps flowing on and on

Her once clear fresh water teeming with protein fish

now sheltered and concealed from peering eyes

No more a sight for sore eyes, but

assault us with each glance

She never rests and only lets us guess what happened to

her glorious sandbottoms

Now we know

we are falling to perdition without her guidance and nutrients

to nourish the weak

In the future she’ll be again the queen that reigns over our

precious Southern California

Los Angeles River, you will be again

a 3-fold paradise dream making all

whole again…

- Jackie Leon