What we did to the L.A. River

She was a beauty

Who showered us with life

She was the reason

That we built on this land

She was a racing cougar

Prancing over falls

And, like the wind

She rushed with raging speed

She hurried toward the ocean

As quickly as a jaguar

But then a long rain came

And as she thrashed about

Her range was washed away

But us humans quarreled back

We tried to tame the river

For we were bears

And she had reached out

And stole our honey

And we would stop at nothing

To get our honey back

We were as fierce as a hungry lion

In getting our honey back

We raged like a hurricane

We bears attacked the river

We called the Army Corps of Engineers

And they poured cement in her!

But we didn’t care

We just wanted our honey

We didn’t care that the river

Was getting Xd

We wanted to build


Now we have to care

And restore the river

Before mother nature

Strikes us down like a hungry wolf

But nobody’s cared

Until now

We have to care

For the L.A. River

And stop all this death

These trash trees

Must be cleaned

And we must stop this

Meaningless end of the river.

- Dani Bork