Our Mission

The mission of The River Project (TRP) is to encourage responsible planning and management of our lands, working toward living rivers nourished by healthy watersheds for the social, economic and environmental benefit of our communities. Through outreach, advocacy, scientific research and hands-on educational programs, we provide Angelenos with the tools to create climate resilient communities.


  • Advocate for an integrated watershed approach to policy, planning and development at the local, regional and statewide level.
  • Undertake scientific studies to identify opportunities to reclaim our river fronts, regenerate surrounding watershed lands, and create a climate-resilient future for Los Angeles.
  • Engage with communities and schools to provide hands-on, project-based learning opportunities, empowering Angelenos with the knowledge and tools needed to become watershed stewards.
  • Facilitate locally-driven public art to promote awareness of our local water resources and native ecosystems, and to foster a sense of place in Southern California.
  • Partner with agencies and NGOs to catalyze a new normal in Los Angeles through urban acupuncture.