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Map of Taylor Yard Parcels

Parcel C- 24 acres: Currently under a joint development agreement between the MTA and McCormack Baron Salazar, 20.2 of those acres are slated to be developed primarily as residential with a small (28,000 sq ft) retail component.

Parcel D- 40 acres: Rio de Los Angeles State Park. This parcel is the first phase of the state park and consists of multi-objective uses including active and passive recreation, habitat restoration, and educational and cultural facilities.

Parcel E- 8 acres: Facility owned by the Kramer Trust & operated by Fed Ex. Construction completed late 1997. Potential to provide additional compatible uses more appropriate its location between a park and a school if acquired in the future.

Parcel F1- 27 acres: The LA Media Tech Center office park was completed in 2000. LA City Planning conditioned the developer to work with The River Project to develop cutting edge stormwater BMPs before approving project.

Parcel F2- 23 acres: Now home to The Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academy which includes the Los Angeles River School, an LAUSD Pilot School that gives teachers, students, and parents a voice in public education.

Parcel G1- 18 acres: Owned by State Parks. This parcel will be phase two of Rio de Los Angeles State Park and will focus on habitat restoration and passive recreation. Currently the focus of a US Army Corps of Engineers Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility study.

Parcel G2- 44 acres: Owned by Union Pacific. Former operating facility, soil and groundwater are contaminated. Slated for future inclusion in the State Park. Subject of an ongoing Coastal Conservancy feasibility study for future habitat restoration, water quality remediation, flood hazard mitigation, wetlands restoration, passive recreation uses.


Parcel map, Taylor Yard. Note G2- essential to the completion of the plan
Map of Taylor Yard Parcels