We provide communities with the tools they need to reclaim their riverfront lands.

Second Grade Finalists


Red and small, happy and slick.
Sees gray rocks sparkling sands with the moon rays.
Moves in water like a flash of lightning.

River, you look mossy, mushy and unhappy.
You have a hard, strong and big cement jacket.
Still we thank you for our homes
You provide in your rocky bottom.

- Andy Arnold and Samuel Cookson


River high
River bright
River gleam

River trees
River swan
River pond

River growl
River howl
River hoot

River snakes
River house
River faun

The river is gone
River come back
River sparkles again

- Jimmy Caponera

L.A. River in the Future

I see crystal clear water.
I hear bluebirds chirping.
I smell barbecue.
I touch the water.
I taste good food from my picnic lunch.

- Lorenzo Carpenter

The River of Happiness

The river was sad and cold one day,
And a man walked by.
He laid the blanket of love on it.
He planted trees and took off the river’s cement jacket,
And the love made it clean again.
The river laughed with glee
While the fish danced the tango beneath the happy river.
The sun shone over the happiness.
And the birds came back and said to me,
“I love it here because
of the river, the river,
the river of glee.”

- Emilia Hagen

The Bird of the Night

When the waves splashed the bird had strong feeling in the river
that is now just cemented in
But the bird had strong feeling in the river
and he still lived there.

- Ian McKnight


Pelicans peacefully walking
catching lovely fish
pelicans seeing happy pelicans
diving in the river.
Pelicans looking for fish
in the river
sitting on the rocks
in the water.
The river is swish swashing with pelicans.

- Nicholas Small


You are the beautiful river.

I feel that feeling that you felt,
with the shimmering waters
and the weeping willows.

They cry out in joy with the beautiful river.

Your cattails are singing and your
willows are swaying. The river tucks the cattails and the
willows to bed.

You are a beautiful river.

- Phoebe Tohl


These Great Blue Herons

Magic and gorgeous
handsome and wonderful
flying over a beautiful river of shimmering
diamond droplets
Landing on moist mossy shores.
Having something delicious to eat.
His exquisite mate comes with a big splash!
Walking on the hardest rocks they can find to dance upon.
Dancing and dancing on the speckled rocks
His mate loves the river.
Having the greatest time of their lives they
wander finding places to spend the night.

- Veronica Whitman

Passing Down my Street

The shiny river made out of clouds
Passing down my street.
I always see you hiding there
so let me take a peek.
But then you go and I cry.

- Olivia Wilkey


A conversation with the Los Angeles River

Who did this to you?
Why did your forest disappear?
Is your forest lost?
Where is the shade of your willow trees?
Where are the gracefully waving cattails of your marshes?
The steelhead trout gliding swiftly through glittering waters?
How did you come to this disastrous, sad condition?
Why did people do this to you?