We provide communities with the tools they need to reclaim their riverfront lands.

Enhance Habitat

Native plants need very little water and are adapted to our unique climate. Landscaping with natives saves precious water supplies for potable use. Native landscapes create habitat and protect our biodiversity, which can both prevent, and enable recovery from, a variety of disasters. Native landscapes – their colors, seasons, and scents – help create a visceral relationship to place.

  • Replace your lawn with a combination of native or Mediterranean drought tolerant plants, fruit trees, and an edible garden. Save water, create a habitat for hummingbirds and butterflies, and help feed your family while improving your relationship to nature and its cycles.
  • Visit your local native plant nursery, the Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley, familiarize yourself with and learn more about the values of native plants. Join your local chapter of the California Native Plant Society.
  • Don’t plant invasive species like tree of heaven, ivy, vinca, ice plant, fountain grass, pampas grass and fennel.
  • Encourage commercial nurseries to carry more indigenous native, and Mediterranean stock.
  • Volunteer with the Forest Service to clean up trash from creeks or eradicate invasive species.