We provide communities with the tools they need to reclaim their riverfront lands.

Capture Rainwater On-site

Each piece of property can function as its own little subwatershed, capturing, infiltrating and/or re-using every drop of water. Managing rainwater on-site adds to our local water supply, reduces flood flows, and lowers your water bill. It also keeps excess volumes out of the river, moving us one step closer to revitalization. Think of it as urban acupuncture.

  • Use a rain barrel to capture the rain coming off your roof and use it to irrigate your landscape.
  • Apply a little land-form grading to change your yards topography with swales, berms, and a raingarden to keep every drop on site and infiltrate it to groundwater.
  • Make your driveway, walkways, and outdoor spaces as pervious as possible by using decomposed granite, gravel, porous pavers, or permeable concrete.
  • Install a dry well or French drain at the end of your driveway.