We provide communities with the tools they need to reclaim their riverfront lands.

River People

Local Water Groups

Arroyo Seco Foundation
Phone: 626-584-9902
E-Mail: tbrick@email.com
Web Site: www.arroyoseco.org
Mission: The mission of the Arroyo Seco Foundation is to preserve and enhance the Arroyo Seco from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Los Angeles River, reforest our region and promote environmental and cultural awareness of one of Southern California’s greatest natural resources.

Ballona Renaissance
Phone: (310) 839-6896
E-Mail: JWLamm@aol.com
Web Site: www.ballonacreek.org
BCR is dedicated to improving Ballona Creek and the community's use of it in several ways: water quality, ecosystems, recreation, arts, attractiveness and amenity.

Friends of the Los Angeles River
Phone: (323) 223-0585 Fax: (323) 223-2289
E-Mail: mail@folar.org
Web Site: www.folar.org
Mission: To protect and restore the natural and historic heritage of the Los Angeles River and its riparian habitat through inclusive planning, education and wise stewardship.

Friends of the San Gabriel River
Phone: (562) 908-6449 Fax: (562) 695-8248
E-Mail: sangabrielriver@aol.com
Web Site: www.sangabrielriver.org
Mission: To educate residents and energize communities To serve as an advocate and catalyst for effective action To clean up and restore the river To protect water quality, and To celebrate the natural splendor of the river.

Friends of the Santa Clara River
Phone: (805) 498-4323
Web Site: www.fscr.org
Friends of the Santa Clara River (FSCR) is a non-profit, public interest organization dedicated to the protection, enhancement and management of the resources of the Santa Clara River, which flows approximately 100 miles from Acton, California to the Pacific Ocean.

Heal the Bay
Phone: (310) 581-4188 Fax: (310) 581-4195
E-Mail: htb@healthebay.org
Web Site: www.healthebay.org
Mission: To make Santa Monica Bay and Southern California beaches healthy and safe again for people and marine life.

Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council
Phone: (213) 229-9945 Fax: (213) 229-9952
E-Mail: info@lagrwc.org
Web Site: www.lasgrwc.org
Our Mission is to facilitate a comprehensive, multi-purpose, stakeholder-driven consensus process to preserve, restore, and enhance the many beneficial uses, economic, social, environmental and biological, of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers watersheds eco-system through education, research, planning, and mediation.

Los Angeles Waterkeeper 
Phone: (310) 394-6162 Fax: (310) 394-6178 
E-Mail: info@lawaterkeeper.org 
Web Site: www.lawaterkeeper.org
Mission: Los Angeles Waterkeeper's mission is to protect and restore Santa Monica Bay, San Pedro Bay, and adjacent waters through enforcement, fieldwork, and community action.

San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancies
Phone: 626-335-1771
E-Mail: rictho@earthlink.net
Website: www.sgmrc.org
Mission: Connecting mountains, urban creeks and watershed of the upper San Gabriel River.

Southern California Steelhead Recovery Coalition
Phone: (818)865-2888 Fax: (818)707-2459
Mission: The Southern California Steelhead Recovery Coalition is an organization of environmental, conservation, surfing, sport and commercial fishing and river groups who have joined together to restore free-flowing rivers and streams, riparian habitat, and watersheds in order to foster the full recovery of the Southern Steelhead and other native aquatic and riparian species of Southern California.

Sun Valley Watershed Stakeholders
Contact: Rebecca Drayse
Phone: 818-623-4867
E-Mail: rdrayse@treepeople.org
Web Site: www.sunvalleywatershed.org 
Mission: The mission of the Sun Valley Watershed Stakeholders Group is to solve the local flooding problem while retaining all stormwater runoff from the watershed, increasing water conservation, recreational opportunities, and wildlife habitat, and reducing stormwater pollution.

Wetlands Action Network
Phone: (310) 456-5604 Fax: (310) 456-5612
E-Mail: wetlandact@earthlink.net  
Mission: Wetlands Action Network works on wetlands protection and restoration efforts in many areas in the Pacific region.

Other Environmental Groups

Audubon Society, Los Angeles
Phone: (323) 876-0202 Fax: (323) 876-7609
E-Mail: laas@laaudubon.org
Web Site: www.laaudubon.org
The Los Angeles Audubon Society is people dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the natural world.

California Native Plant Society Los Angeles / Santa Monica Mountain Chapter
Phone: (818) 881-3706
E-Mail: lacnps@lacnps.org
Web Site: www.lacnps.org
The society seeks to increase understanding of California's native flora and to preserve this rich resource for future generations.

California State Parks Foundation
Phone: 213.380.9980 Fax: 213.380.9987
E-Mail: sara@calparks.org
Web Site: www.calparks.org
The California State Parks Foundation is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to protecting, enhancing and advocating for California's magnificent State Parks.

Environmental Defense Los Angeles
Phone: (213) 386-5501 Fax: (213) 386-5577
E-Mail: members@environmentaldefense.org
Web Site: www.environmentaldefense.org, www.scorecard.org
Environmental Defense brings together experts in science, law and economics to tackle complex environmental issues.

Generation Water
Phone: (213) 687-0781
Fax: (213) 687-8697
E-Mail: info@generationwater.org
Web Site: www.generationwater.org
Mission:1) To restore landscape to its natural beauty while living within our water resources. 2) To prepare the next generation with the technical and business skills necessary to lead the transition to a sustainable economy.

 Los Angeles Conservation Corps
Phone: (213) 747-1872
Fax: (213) 747-2944 
Web Site: www.lacorps.org 
Mission: The Los Angeles Conservation Corps was established in 1986 to employ young adults to perform community improvement and environment work.

Los Angeles County Bike Coalition
Phone: (213) 629-2142 Fax: (213) 629-2259
E-Mail: rpm@labikecoalition.org
Web Site: www.labikecoalition.org
Mission: The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) is a membership based advocacy organization working to improve the bicycling environment and quality of life in Los Angeles County.

North East Trees
Phone: (323) 441-8644 Fax: (323) 441-8618
E-Mail: info@northeasttrees.org
Web Site: www.northeasttrees.org
Mission: To engage in educational, scientific, investigative, scientific, artistic, literary, historic, philanthropic and charitable pursuits to protect and restore the natural and historic heritage of the Los Angeles urban region and surrounding communities and to preserve the natural character of their lands for these purposes.

Pacoima Beautiful
Phone: (818) 899-2454 Fax: (818) 834-5186
E-Mail: Pacoimabeautiful@hotmail.com
Mission: To provide environmental education, leadership development and advocacy to create a clean, healthy and safe environment in order to improve the quality of life for the residents of Pacoima.

Phone: (661) 295-WHOA Fax: (310) 456-5612
E-Mail: info@scope.org
Web Site: www.scope.org
Mission: Santa Clarita Organization for Planning the Environment is a volunteer organization serving the Santa Clarita Valley, a community of 160,000 situated in Northern Los Angeles County.

Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Areas Steering Committee
Phone: (818) 756-8190
E-Mail: akotin@earthlink.net
Mission: The 225-acre Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve is one of the finest refuges of its kind within a major urban area in the country. It serves not only as a restored natural habitat for wildlife, but as a living laboratory for all o enjoy.

Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
Phone: (213) 387-4287 Fax: (213) 387-5383
Web Site: www.angeles.sierraclub.org
Mission: To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth, to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources, to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment, and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.

Theodore Payne Foundation
Phone: 818-768-1802 Fax: 818-768-5215
E-Mail: info@theodorepayne.org
Web Site: www.theodorepayne.org
Mission: Founded and incorporated in 1960, the Theodore Payne Foundation promotes the understanding and preservation of California native flora. Our mission is: To promote and restore California landscapes, and habitats To propagate and make available California native plants and wildflowers To educate and acquire knowledge about California flora and natural history

Phone: 818-753-4600 Fax: 818-753-4635
E-Mail: info@treepeople.org
Web Site: www.treepeople.org
Mission: To inspire the people of Los Angeles to take personal responsibility for the Urban Forest - educating, training and supporting them as they plant and care for trees and improve the neighborhoods in which they live, work and play. Village Gardeners The Village Gardeners maintain the stretch of the Greenway between Dixie Canyon and Coldwater Canyon Blvd. Phone: 818-981-1606

Urban Semillas
Phone: (323) 568-1171
E-Mail: infor@urbansemillas.com
Web Site: www.urbamsemillas.com
Mission: to educate underserved and monolingual (spanish-speaking) communities about watersged and social justice issues and provide them with community-building skills, thus empowering them to participate in local and city-wide planning as well as playing an active role in city, state, and nationwide policies.