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Headwaters of the Los Angeles River

Headwaters of the Los Angeles RiverThe Los Angeles River begins just beyond the Canoga Park High School football field in the San Fernando Valley, at the confluence of Bell Creek and Calabasas Creek, which flow down from the Santa Susana and Santa Monica Mountains. The river flows southeast, joined by Santa Susana, Browns, Dayton, Chatsworth, Limekiln, Wilbur, Aliso, Woodley, Pacoima and Burbank creeks, that drain the mountains ringing the Valley. Historically, much of the water that flowed through the valley seeped into the ground to fill the giant underground aquifer that has supplied water to Los Angeles for over a hundred years. Now, however, the Valley is over 60% hard surfaces and rainwater is directed to stormdrains that empty directly into the river. The river in the west valley is a now a concrete trapezoid channel.

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